Review: Bokksu Okukirishima Tea

Using the finest sencha leaves from Kirishima in Kagoshima Prefecture, this tea has subtle sweet notes and a rich, full-bodied silky mouthfeel. It has an elegant flavor profile and would be well-suited for both fancy occasions or your morning cuppa. 

– Bokksu

At first sip, I was immediately hit with the Okukirishima’s deep, rich taste, the green tea flavor evident but not quite bitter. As mentioned in its description, the flavor would pair well with a savory breakfast or sweet pastry on a spring/summer morning. There’s a nutty, woodsy undertone to the tea that gives it this lasting dimension, pleasantly lingering on the tongue after each gulp. If you like woodsy green teas, I’d definitely give this unoffensive blend a try.


Sencha green tea leaves

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