LGBTQ+ Visual Novel Recommendations

Hi all! This week has been pretty rough for me, and while I had intended to publish a review, I’ve had so much on my plate that I didn’t think I’d have it done in time. So for this week I’d like to instead recommend 10 LGBTQ+ visual novels to play/read! I love visual novels (and am currently creating one myself) and how diversity can flourish through the creative works of indie developers. Below are five examples to check out:

Butterfly Soup

LGBTQ+ asian high schoolers playing baseball, figuring out their identities, and telling rad jokes!

One Night, Hot Springs

A Japanese trans woman endures social anxiety from visiting a hot spring.

Black Closet

A strategic dark academia story about a class president and her council solving misdemeanors and larger conspiracies at their school.

Summer at Marisol Bay

Play as newcomer Kyro Ivanovski at the Marisol Bay and decide how he navigates his work and memories at the Resort.

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

A cute story about a gruff candy shop owner and a candy girl’s search for the ultimate sweet!

Generic Nonbinary Game

A short conversation with a date as a nonbinary person with 2 possible endings.

Ace in Space

A sci-fi dating sim with an asexual protagonist! And robots!!!!

When The Night Comes

An epic supernatural visual novel with action, adventure, and a customizable romance with two polyamorous options.


Play as Mo, the cat, and help guide two friends as they navigate their identities and friendship.

I’m a Love Interest in My Childhood Friend’s Reverse Harem!!!

A twist on the classic anime cliche! You play as one of the love interests for a generic main character . . . but maybe you’ll end up dating one of the boys instead of her?

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