Review: Sips by Teahead You’re a Peach! Green Tea

Feel invigorated when sipping this refreshing green tea infused with juicy peaches, dragonfruit, and fresh papaya. The sweet and sunny flavor is perfect both hot and iced. This tea is a real peach. 

Sips By

Oooooh yes, this is a good tea! The peach flavor of Teahead’s green tea truly pops with the papaya and apple notes augmenting the taste. The marigold and blackberry leaves help provide a fresh, liveliness to the blend, offering an overall delicious peach green tea – easily enjoyed both cold and hot. If you’re a fan of green/peach teas, I definitely recommend picking this up.


Green Tea, Papaya Pieces, Apple, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Marigold Petals, Peach Pieces, Natural Flavoring

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