Review: Cederbos Organic Rooibos Chai Tea

The elegant Cederbos Organic Original Rooibos Tea is made of the highest quality, natural organic Rooibos leaves.

My Red Tea

Already acquainted with My Red Tea’s other sample flavor, I was excited to try their Chai take on their classic Rooibos Tea. Sipping this, I can detect strong berry undertones that, though powerful, aren’t overly sweet, making it perfect alongside savory or sweet dishes and easily enjoyed both hot or cold. Though the “chai” is less recognizable (feels weird saying that the “chai” flavor isn’t as present in the tea, when chai = tea . . . but I digress), I still find the blend enjoyable nonetheless. If you’re looking for a wildly unique and unexpected tea, then this sachet may not be for you, but if you prefer simple but elegant blends then feel free to pour yourself a cup!


Organic Rooibos Leaves

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