Review: Bokksu Ashigaracha Green Tea

This green tea comes from the Ashigara district of Hakone. The plants grow slowly with less sunshine than other tea types, producing fewer tannins and resulting in a sweeter tea. When picked, Ashigara tea is also lightly steamed in a process called asamushi that makes a light-colored aromatic tea.


When I first sipped this green tea, I couldn’t really taste anything. Still, with continued sips, I noticed the rich aftertaste of unfiltered green tea, though without any of its characteristic bitterness (in fact, there’s a slight sweetness to it, similar to that of a butter cookie). For those who typically enjoy green tea, this blend may not appeal to you, as the flavor isn’t particularly powerful. However, if you typically find green tea too strong or bitter, this may be a great starter tea. Additionally, I find this tea delicious both warm and cold, making it adaptable to a variety of other drink concoctions as well.


Green Tea

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