Review: Ahmad Tea London Camomile Honey & Vanilla Tea

A harmonious blend of soothing camomile expertly crafted with the natural warmth and gentle sweetness of honey and vanilla. This wonderful herbal infusion includes sweet notes, perfect for unwinding in the evening or as a relaxing and sweet treat in the afternoon.

Ahmad Tea

No. This sweet herbal tea sounded promising, but at first sip, I knew I had made a mistake. The honey and vanilla flavors are definitely present, but they overwhelm the senses with a sickly sweet tone, devoid of any further complexity. Almost like a fruit gone bad or a cough medicine trying too hard to be kid-friendly, this tea failed in offering the subtle sweetness I was expecting from an “herbal blend.” I really can’t pick up on any other ingredients in this tea, so perhaps there’s a balancing issue in its formulation. Regardless, I would skip this tea if I were you.


Camomile, natural flavoring, liquorice root, fennel, vanilla, honey

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