Review: My Red Tea Organic Rooibos Tea (Unflavored)

We pride ourselves on the quality of our rooibos with no milled rooibos sticks blended back to cut costs, or rooibos dust being added to artificially improve the color. Our product is one of a few that simply contain pure rooibos leaves, the way rooibos was meant to be enjoyed.

My Red Tea

This is good. That’s it – that’s the review. Honestly though, this Rooibos Tea has a deep, rich, raspberry-like flavor to it that’s simple but delicious. I can only imagine what kinds of unique tastes this brand offers in its varied flavored options. Caffeine-free and organic, there really isn’t anything holding this tea back from being enjoyed at any time of day alongside both savory and sweet dishes. If you usually don’t enjoy Rooibos tea but want to give it another shot, this may be a perfect place to start again.


100% Rooibos Leaves

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