Review: Teeccino Mushroom Herbal Tea Reishi Eleuthero

Reishi, Asia’s famed health-promoting mushroom, enhanced with Siberia’s gold-standard adaptogen, eleuthera, plus deep, rich coffee-like flavor from roasted chicory and ramon seeds.

Teeccino Cafe Inc

This is a pretty unique tea – at first sip, I was unsure of the flavor, but it’s growing on me. The blend’s coffee flavor and carob pods rise to the surface immediately, all underscored with an earthy undertone, offering a deep, rich aftertaste. I see this tea complimenting lattes WONDERFULLY and may suit those who are looking to transition from coffee to tea as a basis for their morning drinks (though, this blend doesn’t have caffeine, so keep that in mind!). Overall, I’m pleased with this tea, and while it may not be a favorite for its flavor alone, I see it as a great base for mixing with other beverages.


Carob pods, chicory root, barley, ramon seed, eleuthera root, reishi mushroom extract, organic coffee flavor

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