A Skincare Routine for Under $35! : Oily Edition

It’s no secret that curating your own skincare routine can be a bit pricey. Moreover, with so many brands promoting their products, it can be easy to be overwhelmed and led astray. Everyone’s skin is different, and while I can’t guarantee you that this routine will 100% work for you, it may help in orienting you in the right direction. As always, please consider your own skincare needs and allergies before trying any products.


Thank You Farmer Iceland Cleansing Foam($13)

This is one of favorite staple products, as mentioned in my Top 5 Skincare Products of 2020 post. Affordable and effective, this cleanser works to prevent acne buildup with its powerful blend of natural extracts. Just make sure to check their ingredient list to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of them!


Factory Artemisia Balancing Light Facial Creme ($7)

A light cream the moisturizes and calms the skin, even when oily. Perhaps what’s most impressive about this product is its ability to provide an impressive ingredient list (niacinamide baby!) and roster of positive reviews, despite its low price. If you are someone prone to fungal acne though, this may not be the best option for you, and perhaps it may be better to go for the higher priced Benton Aloe Vera Propolis Soothing Gel.


Jacket SPF 50+ ($12)

No day-time skincare routine is complete without sunscreen, and Jacket’s SPF 50+ provides intense coverage and a bevy of impressive side ingredients (such as green tea, cucumber, and aloe vera extracts) that’ll keep your skin happy and protected.

Interested in spending a bit more for additional products? Consider Bioderma’s Sensibio Micellar Water ($10) as a first step cleanser in conjunction with the Thank You Farmer cleanser and upgrading your moisturizer to Mizon’s Black Snail All-In-One cream ($17).

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