Review: MiCacao Cacao Tea

Micacao’s loose-leaf cacao tea is made from the shell of the cacao bean. Cacao tea is 100% cacao-based, completely natural, preservative free, and without any artificial flavors or starches. This small-batch tea is also organic, gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free. MiCacao sources their cacao from co-op farms in South America which operate in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

Sips by

Um . . . I don’t think I’m a fan of this one. Micacao’s Cacao Tea definitely tastes like a deep, dark chocolate, the flavor rich and powerful, but it feels as though someone took a dark chocolate bar, liquified it, and then mixed in a few cups of water. It’s a very strange, diluted, chocolatey flavor, almost confused in its palette. Perhaps some additional ingredients may have aided this blend, because the simplicity of the taste doesn’t seem to work in its favor. If you’re a chocolate-tea lover looking for a caffeine-free blend, perhaps give this a try, but otherwise, keep looking.


Organic Cacao Shells, Organic Cacao Nibs

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