Review: Bokksu Milky Tea

This instant tea powder is a favorite in Japan, popular for its sweet, mellow flavor made with black tea and lots of milk. The powder dissolves easily in both hot and cold water so you can enjoy it regardless of the season.


At first sip, I can sense the milk that flavors Bokksu’s Milky Tea, but once the tea settles in my mouth, I can’t help but feel like this tea is more-so reminiscent of a savory soup. It’s a strange blend, the black tea essence subtle but present. I’d imagine it may taste sweeter when cold, in comparison to the hot savory tones, but either way I don’t see myself purchasing more of this blend to find out. I can’t recommend this, but if you want to buy a sample and try this unique tea for yourself, you’re free to knock yourself out.


Black Tea and milk

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