Review: Organic Moringa Superfood Tea

Miracle Tree’s Original Moringa Superfood Tea is a flavorful infusion, stocked with fresh and Organic Moringa dried leaves; this is our 2015 Great Taste winner, with expert judges concluding that our tea has a “very clean finish, which invites another sip!”

Miracle Tree

All tea is “hot leaf water” but this tea actually tastes like the phrase. Earthy and simple, this tea tastes best hot, but honestly, it’s not very tasty in general. The health benefits (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) of this tea are multitude, but it’s not an enjoyable ride. If you’re looking for a tea solely for its health benefits, then perhaps give this a try, but other than that, I’d advise to keep looking. This tea is just bland and underwhelming.


Organic Moringa Leaves

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