Review: Uji Matcha Au Lait

Feel free to laugh at my terrible attempt at writing Hiragana characters . . . I’m just doing my best ya’ll

Traditional matcha from Uji, Kyoto is known by tea aficionados as some of the richest green tea in the world. This matcha has a modern twist to abmake a creamy cup of matcha au last instantly.


A light, frothy matcha tea that has a slightly sweet, milky taste, even when added with only hot water. This was a fine tea – though I think I may have added too much water since the flavor is a bit thin. Still, it’s a delightful morning drink that may suit those who are new to matcha or typically don’t enjoy matcha for its bitter taste. I probably won’t be repurchasing this blend since I usually enjoy a heavier/straight matcha flavor, but I’d definitely still recommend this (especially if you intend to mix it with other flavors – this is a perfect base!).


Uji matcha powder

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