Review: Sips by Cherry Vanilla Herbal Tea

A delicious fruit and hibiscus blend with a hint of vanilla. Flavors of sun-ripened cherries and creamy vanilla mix together for a caffeine-free tea that gives you one scoop of soothing when enjoyed hot and one scoop of refreshing when enjoyed cold.

Sips by

Enticed by their holiday deal, I finally decided to give the Sips by tea subscription box a try for the month of December, giving this unique blend my first try out of all the delivered samples. First off, this tea smells HEAVENLY! A perfect aroma of sweet vanilla and cherry that gives off the perfect Christmas-y sugary scent (without, of course, containing actual sugar). It also looks delicious too. I often don’t add pictures of the blend, but today I just have to because the tea looks so neat.

The tea has a soft, tart cherry bite to it, pleasant, if not unique. A pretty ruby red color, this non-caffeinated herbal blend almost has a medicinal quality to it – most likely impacted by the sour cherry pieces and beetroot. Though I doubt I’ll be purchasing a larger container of this blend in the future (just not a fan of sour flavors), I’m glad I got to try this. If you’re looking for a new herbal tea for the winter, this may be a winner for you.


Apple Pieces, Hibiscus Blossoms, Rose Hip Peel, Elderberries, Beetroot Pieces, Rose Petals, Blackberry Leaves, Sour Cherry Pieces, Vanilla Pieces, Flavoring

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