Review: The Republic of Tea Berry Aloe Tea

This gentle, detoxing coral-hued herbal infusion contains a proprietary blend of botanicals that your skin and digestive system will love. Pamper your body with this clean, caffeine-free beauty tea ritual with delightful berry and citrus notes. 

Republic of Tea

A light, berry (almost tastes like blackberry) tea with hibiscus and citrus undertones, this sachet is a unique, calming blend perfect alongside pastries or drinking at the end of a long day. At first sip the flavor palette seems simple, but upon reflection, elements such as the lemongrass and apple slowly rise to mind as well (with airy aftertaste, which may be the aloe). This is a great blend for those interested in herbal or berry teas but worried over a possible overwhelming taste. Moreover, the organic ingredients provide some long term health benefits as well, making mind, tongue, and body happy. Though I can’t say that this is a stand out favorite, I’m definitely pleased with this blend and foresee myself easily finishing the 36/ct. container.


Apple (fruit); Organic Green Rooibos (leaf); Organic Orange (peel); Organic Hibiscus (flower); Organic Rose Hips (fruit);Organic Milk Thistle (seed); Organic Pitaya (fruit);Organic Lemongrass (leaf); Organic Aloe (leaf);Sea Buckthorn Berry (berry) Natural Sea Buckthorn Flavor.

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