Wellness Drink Micro Review

Today I’d like to do another quick review of three wellness drinks before I go back to my regular tea reviews.

OWYN Protein Strawberry Banana Smoothie: I was really excited to try this shake – small bottle (12 fl oz), high in protein (20g), low sugar (4g) and low carb (10g), I unfortunately found this . . . too sweet (most likely from the monk fruit extract) and artificially flavored. Though the bottle isn’t large, I couldn’t finish it. If I could compare the flavor, it almost tasted like a melted pink starburst. Not great for chugging.

Olipop Ginger Lemon: In comparison – I REALLY enjoyed Olipop’s fiber-powered probiotic seltzers. Flavored with ginger, lemon extract, and stevia, this drink provides probiotics and 9 g of fiber (I am to get 20-30g a day, so this is amazing) in each 12 fl oz can. Though my brother has also tasted this drink and found it unpleasant (“tastes like flat soda”), since I’m not used to drinking soda, I couldn’t make the same comparison. With that in mind, feel free to try this healthy drink with whatever expectations best match your previous drinking experiences.

WellWell Coconut Chai: This drink also exceeded my expectations. Though this wellness drink is the same size as the Olipop can, it’s much more filling as it is based on coconut cream and almond milk as oppose to water (with a milky consistency) and contains 16 g of protein (made from pea protein) – explaining its high calorie content (190g). I really enjoyed this beverage – finding it to taste exactly as advertised: a creamy cold chai with coconut undertones. The sugar wasn’t overwhelming (4g) and in part due to the fact that the drink also relies on nutmeg and cinnamon to provide a delightful taste. Definitely try this out if you have the chance.

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