Review: Tusol Wellness Smoothies

We source from the earth to bring the highest quality ingredients to each of our products, ingredients that have been meticulously chosen for their ability to enhance performance and wellbeing. Such pledge to purity honors the complexity and beauty of our bodies while facilitating deep personal connection and allowing individual happiness to radiate from within.


Interested in adding more protein into my diet, I looked into protein drinks and came upon TUSOL – a brand that makes healthy smoothies with 20g of protein in each packet. for $30 I purchased a 5-piece sample pack. Overall, while I appreciate all the various health aspects to the smoothies, I often had to add A LOT of fruits, veggies, and honey in order to get anything resembling a nice flavor out of any of them. Below are some pics of the smoothies after they’ve been mixed – they don’t look all too great and while they don’t taste “bad” I can’t recommend them – at least, not on taste alone. For the health aspect, I didn’t notice any negative or positive effects after consuming these. Perhaps it has a long-term minor health benefit. Either way, I’m not interested enough (or wealthy enough) to figure out, haha. You may be better off just making your protein shakes by scratch.


Overall, they all have various organic ingredients such as organic pumpkin seed and pea protein, probiotic blends, and stevia – so if you have any objections to those, I’d be wary of this product. All other ingredients vary from packet to packet.

For specifics click HERE

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