Review: Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

There’s nothing like a cup of genmaicha to keep you relaxed as you’re staying refreshed for the summer. A combination of sencha leaves and roasted brown rice, this tea is filling and just a little bit different from most teas. The roasted brown rice was originally mixed with tea as a filler to help extend a smaller amount of expensive sencha across many cups. From its humble origins as a prudent economic measure, genmaicha has remained popular in Japan for its refreshing and comforting taste.


This is NUTTY! The nuttiest, rice-iest tea I’ve ever tasted. The green tea of the Organic Genmaicha blend is more of a light aftertaste rather than the main event. I have to say, this tea is definitely not for me, haha. If you’re interested in trying a new green tea, this may be interesting to you, but honestly, this may be more for people who don’t like green tea, but do enjoy nutty teas and are looking for a cross-over blend. Potent, bold, and aromatic, this is a powerful tea best enjoyed alongside a simple pastry and, due to caffeine (albeit low), earlier in the day. Consider your own tastes before trying this mix!


Green Tea, Brown Rice

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