Review: Bittersweet Farm Immune Support Tea

Drink a small cup, daily, to give your immune system a lift! 

Bittersweet Farm Tea

A minty, somewhat spicy tea, this is a unique blend of flavors, all potent and coalescing in interesting, complementary ways. It should be noted that this blend takes a while to steep in comparison to other brands (perhaps around 10-20 minutes), but the flavor payoff is quite impressive. In all honesty, I’m not sure what echinacea, rose hips, and holy basil taste like isolated, so I can’t speak to their flavors, but the ginger, cardamom, mint, and lemongrass pop in this mixture – each ingredient making itself boldly known without overwhelming the taste buds. As a blend made to assist the immune system, I’m glad to say that it’s enjoyable to drink – a worry I had considering I’m often not a fan of herbal teas. Should you ever wish to try a wellness-oriented tea blend, this may be a good place to start flavor-wise (for actual effects . . . that’s harder to tell).


Echinacea, holy basil, lemongrass, mint, rose hips, ginger root, and cardamom

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