Review: OSULLOC Jeju Pure Green Tea

Green tea made of only baby tea leaves that are slightly steamed and roasted for gentle and clean flavor. Enjoy the flavor and scent of Jeju tea field at an affordable price.


An oaky autumnal flavor, OSULLOC’S Jeju Green tea is a unique addition to any green tea lover’s rolodex. It’s a smooth, simple blend, with nothing but the rich, deep taste of OSOLLUC’S unique woodsy leaves. On its own, it’s fairly enjoyable but not particularly memorable, and would pair well with a variety of dishes, especially as we head into the fall season. Still, I would recommend adding your own spices or mixing it with other drinks if you prefer a more complex flavor. Personally, I’ve enjoyed other green teas more, so I probably won’t be picked this up again, but I’m glad to have tasted it and wouldn’t mind if others tried it out for themselves as well.


Green Tea

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