The Night Lip Balm to End Them All

The Body Shop had failed me – its lip products weren’t keeping my lips moisturized enough to last the night and I had been constantly waking up with dry lips. Eager to find a solution to this issue, I ordered some products aimed at long term moisture maintenance.

First, is Sky Organics Shea Butter ($14.40) a multipurpose tub of unrefined shea butter. Great for stubborn dry patches on elbows and knees, I also have used it on my lips, seeing it melt and absorb rather quickly. Though I’m found of using this product throughout the day, due to how quickly it melts, it hasn’t been the most long-lasting product for overnight use. Not a waste of money, but certainly not the solution I was looking for.

Next I tried Facetheory’s Bioactive Vegan Lip Balm ($14), with ingredients such as castor, coconut, and raspberry seed oil as well as shea butter. This is a beautiful product and looks like a thick, shiny lip gloss when applied. Though it lasts longer than the Sky Organics and did last me the night, it didn’t perform as well as I’d hoped, and I will most likely stick to day usage (and when masks are not longer mandatory for public use, I’ll definitely enjoy wearing it for all to see!).

Finally, we have my tried and true favorite, the Paula’s Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balm ($12-15), which not only provides more product in its container than Facetheory, but it also performs better following night usage as well. A few things to consider: it’s a hard, dense product that can be a bit difficult to spread and doesn’t look too appealing – definitely for night use lol, additionally, it uses petrolatum and lanolin in its ingredient list. Other ingredients in this product include castor oil, cholesterol, and shea butter.

Overall, I’m pleased to not only find an answer to my dry night lip question, but also a variety of new and interesting products to use in-between and throughout the day. If you’re considering adding a long-lasting lip balm into your routine, consider these options (and please ditch the Laniege night lip products).

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