Review: Adagio Coconut Grove Pouchong

Pouchong tea is a very lightly oxidized, green oolong from Taiwan. It’s highly valued for its rich, naturally sweet fragrance of honey, flowers, and quite often, coconut. We thought the flavor of fresh coconut, then, would be the perfect complement to this delicate cup.


This tea truly delivers on the coconut flavor, with the honey and flowery notes augmenting and complimenting the taste with perfect subtlety. In my opinion, this warm tea tastes best hot and would go best alongside sweets, hearty breakfasts, or perhaps on a cold day all on its own. This fragrant blend is great for those cautious in engaging with fruity teas as well as those looking for a distinct oolong blend without a sharp bitter aftertaste. Overall, I definitely recommend giving this a try!


Pouchong Tea, Coconut & Natural Coconut Flavor

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