Review: Adagio Ali Shan

Ali Shan is an alpine green oolong tea from Taiwan. While relatively new, Ali Shan is one of Taiwan’s most famous tea growing areas, producing beautiful high mountain oolong teas from its misty peaks. Warm sugar and deeply layered floral aromas, with a melting, creamy mouthfeel. Mellow and light-bodied, this hand-crafted Ali Shan oolong is excellent for multiple infusions on a quiet afternoon.


Wow, this is an incredibly unique tea, and I mean that in an entirely positive way. This is a fresh, minty green tea with a vague floral essence to it, perfect for chilly fall mornings and delicious alongside a savory breakfast or plain pastry. This brisk tea offers a smooth blend of refreshing flavors, reminiscent of a cool ocean breeze, making it delicious both warm and cold (I can only imagine how incredible this would be with boba . . . ). Usually, I tend not to enjoy herbal or floral teas, but this really is a standout tea and I look forward to sipping it more in the future. Definitely recommend!


Ali Shan Green Tea Leaves

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