Review: Adagio Chocolate Chip

Dark chocolate chips melt into the infusion of this Ceylon black tea to create the ultimate coupling of two taste bud tantalizers. Dense and soft chocolate flavor – seriously, for a second you think you’re just eating a bag of cookies! The clean, slightly tangy finish brings you back to tea, and the balanced astringency compliments the dark chocolate nicely.


This is a strange tea. At first sip, it tastes like a simple black tea with a slight cocoa aftertaste. Though the taste isn’t unpleasant, it isn’t a standout either. If added with milk, it may serve as a healthier alternative to hot chocolate. It’s not overly sweet, making it palatable alongside a variety of dishes, so feel free to try this tea if you enjoy chocolate/cookie/black teas. Otherwise, you’re not missing much if you pass on this flavor.


Black Tea, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Dark Chocolate Chips & Cocoa Nibs

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