“Meh” Skincare Products

Sometimes when I test out products or think of which skincare items to review, I come across a few that don’t inspire strong enough emotions to warrant a review, praise or otherwise. For now, I’d like to list a few “meh” products you’re welcome to check out but didn’t have anything memorable to provide for me.

Mizon’s Snail Foam Cleanser

Looking for a simple, moisturizing cleanser now that I’ve implemented retinol into my routine, I was attracted to Mizon’s Snail Foam Cleanser for its simplicity, usage of snail essence, and affordable price (around ($7 on amazon). Overall, it fulfilled its use appropriately – but you don’t get a lot of product and the snail essence is pretty far down on the ingredient list, even if they list the specific, impressive amount of essence they use (you get what you pay for . . . ). It won’t hurt to try this product, but you’re not missing out on anything specifically impressive if you decide to skip it.

Inkey List’s Caffeine Eye Cream

Did nothing, lol. Won’t hurt you, but I overall saw no improvement through daily implementation over the course of seven months.

Krave Beauty’s Kale-Lalu-Yah

This is another product which had no noticeable pros or cons in its impact on my skin. Still, this is a weekly chemical exfoliator with a wonderful ingredient list that makes it perfect for sensitive or dry skin. Since my skin is more oily and acneic, I found Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant to be more effective on my skin.

COSRX Rice Overnight Mask

I LOVE rice as a skincare ingredient, so I was disappointed to see that COSRX’s Rice Overnight Mask had little impact on my skin (though it also didn’t have any negative impact either), despite the ingredient lists’ simplicity. This also isn’t a very expensive product, so feel free to try this product out – it may work out great for you!

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