The Summer Bundle

One summer morning at sunrise a long time ago

I met a little girl with a book under her arm.

I asked her why she was out so early and

she answered that there were too many books and

far too little time. And there she was absolutely right.

Tove Jansson

It’s been a tumultuous summer, and with its chaos it’s brought pain, activism, fatigue, and strength in all its varieties. We still have quite a bit of time in the summer left before we head into autumn, so until then, I’ve provided some recommendations on different books, teas, and skincare products to check out depending on your mood.

Alive with Activism

  • Book: When They Call You a Terrorist by Patrisse Khan-Cullors
    • A fantastic memoir by one of the BLM movement’s co-founders, this book is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about the movement as well as how racism (and its intersections w/ race and sexuality) functions in the USA.
  • Tea: Make Mine A Builders
    • A simple but powerful tea to start your day off strong.
  • Skincare: Hyper Skin Vitamin C Serum
    • A complex Vitamin C serum with an impressive ingredient list – a multitasking product for those who just want to put something on and go!

Quarantine Fatigue

  • Book: Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee
    • A resplendent epic tale of a mysterious opera singer and the various identities she’s carried on her path to fame. An engaging, long read for those looking for adventure, but still want to snuggle in bed while doing so.
  • Tea: Adagio Green Chai
    • A deep, satisfying chai that calms the senses.
  • Skincare: Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Exfoliant
    • A simple, acne-fighting exfoliant beloved by many of its reviewers.

Decisive Self-Care

  • Book: Disability Visibility by Alice Wong
    • A wonderful collection of essays focused on augmenting the voices of disabled people and the exclusionary nature of ableism.
  • Tea: Adagio Jade Oolong
    • A unique blend for those interested in engaging their senses into something fresh and thought-provoking.
  • Skincare: SkinVibe Clean Brush
    • An affordable dupe for the PMD skin cleansing device, the skin vibe is perfect for those who want to indulge in daily deep cleansing.

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