Review Adagio Caramel

. . . Our bright, tangy Ceylon black tea accented with rich notes of caramel flavoring (sugar-free, by the way!) is sure to have you saying, ‘wow! that’s good!’ Rich, dark caramel aroma, molasses notes. Dense and decadent cup, with a sweet, brown sugar aftertaste. 


Ughh. This is essentially the almond flavor with a hint of caramel. Its mixture with the black tea is so stark and unbalanced, the taste is jarring in a deeply disappointing way. Though I always drink my tea without any additives, for this, I had to add some honey to combat the strange collaboration of flavors. Though the honey helped in dulling the bitter flavor somewhat, in general, I’m not seeing myself drinking more of this in the future. Please skip this blend. Finishing a single cup was a chore.


Blended With Black Tea & Natural Caramel Flavor

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