Review: Adagio Green Chai

Our smooth China green tea with a chakra warming spice combination. Cardamom, clove and ginger aromas, clean and refreshing flavor, soothing finish with a balanced astringency. The natural sweetness and fiery kick will bring you back to center, no matter how polarized you’ve become.”


This is a definite winner!!! This blend of slightly spiced green tea and smooth, subtle chai works wonderfully for an easy morning drink – enjoyed alongside a savory or sweet dish. The ginger and cinnamon give the tea a slight kick – somewhat sweet but not overwhelming. I can easily see myself sipping this on windy early mornings or while I’m reading a book during a rainy afternoon. Green tea and chai fans, this one is for you, so make sure to try this blend out!


Green Tea, Cinnamon, Orange, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves & Natural Spice Flavor

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