Review: Adagio Hojicha Green Tea

Green tea from Japan that is rendered brown by roasting Bancha (a summer crop tea, harvested after Sencha) tea leaves. An Adagio customer favorite, with a toasty nutty flavor and slightly mesquite note. Earthy and warm quality, soothing, clean finish.

Adagio Tea

A deep, almost savory green tea, this unique blend may take some getting used to due to its bitter, nutty flavor. With a medium level of caffeine this may be best enjoyed in the morning or afternoon. However, unlike other, lighter green teas – the potent flavor of Hojicha might not compliment snacks or dishes with equally complex flavor pallets. As for me, I’m not a particular fan of this tea as I also find myself comparing the flavor to the taste of yakitori (which, while delicious as a meal, isn’t exactly the flavor I want in my tea). If you’re looking for a bold and unique green tea, feel free to give this a try, otherwise, I’d skip this one.


Bancha tea leaves – green tea

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