Review: Twining’s Earl Grey

At Twinings, we take great care to ensure that the Earl Grey you drink today tastes as extraordinary as the one Richard Twining first created. Fresh, fragrant and flavoured with the distinctive notes of citrus and bergamot, this Earl Grey tea has all the taste of the original. 


I suppose I’m not an earl grey person – or at least a citrus flavor person. Though I can’t fault the tea for having a strong taste, I found the tea missing in providing anything distinct aside from the bergamot peel. I’m not sure how to word it other than saying that this tea tasted old. Old as in “this was sitting out for 3 days and was recently reheated” kind of old. With this in mind, I can’t recommend this tea, but keep in mind my own partiality against citrus blends.


Black tea, Natural flavours, Bergamot peel 

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