Review: Make Mine a Builders – British Cuppa

It was high time to refresh this hardworking nation with a proper, no-nonsense cup of tea. We turned to the experts on the subject – builders, of course – and asked 300 of them to slurp and rate our blend. They gave us top marks for strength, refreshment and lip-smacking flavour – the perfect cuppa for a job well done.

Powerful and simple, I may favor this blend over Twining’s. You can tell simply by the scent that this is a well-curated tea. Each time I take a sip, I feel satisfied and full, making this an excellent morning drink. I will note that the bitterness of this straight black tea is more apparent than the other black tea blends I’ve tried, so if that’s something that may bother you, it may be worth adding some honey!


Black Tea

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