Review: Rael Acne Healing Patch

If only you could get rid of acne by swiping left. Here’s some microneedle technology that rejects pimples for you when your hormones bring them around. Our acne healing patch delivers blemish-fighting actives below your skin’s surface to heal breakouts fast. 


In hopes that I’d finally find an acne patch that successfully addresses cystic, hormonal acne, I decided to give Rael’s acne healing patches a try, acknowledging the brands focus on products dealing with menstruation and its surrounding effects (like acne). At $12 for each packet, with nine patches in each, it’s less expensive than Zitsticka, but pricier than Cosrx. Upon trying the patches, I realized they applied much easier than both, and were overall much more effective. Still, they did not succeed in eliminating the acne I had – and I ended up using almost the entire packet to get rid of two acne cysts.

Ingredient Pros and Cons

Ingredients: high-grade Hydrocolloid, healing Tea Tree Oil, scar-fading Totarol, anti-inflammatory Salicylic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid for deep moisturization.

Significant Pros

  • Tea Tree Oil (acne-fighting)
  • Totarol (addresses hyper-pigmentation)
  • Salicylic Acid (acne-fighting)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating)

Significant Cons

  • All good my dude

The Takeaway

Though Rael’s patches didn’t work out for me, they did work out better than previous patches I’ve tried, and for this, I’m grateful (this is true regardless of the acne’s stage in manifesting). This being considered, if you’re thinking of trying some acne patches and feel wary of Zitsticka’s price — I’d definitely recommend giving these a try. Though they didn’t work for me, I’m not entirely discouraged of their efficacy in all situations. Still, at this point, for me personally, I may stop my search for patches and see if there are other hormonal acne solutions that will be more impactful.

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