Review: Valerian Nights

Soothing chamomile mingles with lightly sweet caramel and creamy coconut.

David’s Tea

Sugary sweet with strong caramel overtones, Valerian Nights may not seem like the type of tea to put you in a drowsy state, but it fulfills its sleepy intents (to an extent). If you plan on going to bed directly after sipping a cup, then perhaps you may find this blend beneficial, however, for me (who has to brush teeth, do skincare, wash the cup, etc.), I’ve found the effects of the blend to wear off by the time I hopped into bed. In any case, the taste is pleasant enough, though perhaps a but too sweet for my taste. Perhaps this is partially due to the caramel, which is so powerful it overwhelms every other ingredient. For this reason, I’d recommend trying/purchasing a single cup at a David’s Tea store first (if applicable/possible) before ordering more.


Apple, Roasted coconut, Rooibos, Chamomile, Caramel pieces (sugar, glucose syrup), Sweet blackberry leaves, Natural coconut flavouring, Valerian root, Natural (caramel,sweet blackberry leaf) flavouring.

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