Review: Steep Cafe Dragon Well Green Tea

Steep Cafe Dragon Well Green Tea was first produced in Hangzhou, China. This famous, traditional green tea brews up with a yellow liquor. Smooth and well-rounded, with a deep richness, full green tea flavor, a hint of chestnut.

Steep Cafe

Simple but enjoyable, Steep Cafe’s Dragon Well Green Tea is pretty direct in its flavor: a pure green tea with a slightly nutty undertone. Neither bitter nor sweet, and delicious when hot, I can see myself sipping this more in the future when I want something smooth and comforting in the morning or alongside a pastry (though, I’m not yet sure if I’m willing to dive in $25 for fifty satchels). If you’re looking for a simple green tea that has a slight feeling of refinement to separate it from the rest of the pack (literally), feel free to give this blend a try.


Full Leaf Dragon Well green tea

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