Review: Tumeric Glow

Sweet with a hint of warming ginger.

David’s Tea

Spicy without being overwhelming, this caffeine-free blend carries a invigorating kick, supplied by strong overtones of turmeric and ginger. Though this may not pair well with pastries, when combined with a more savory dinner or perhaps a salty snack, this tea would shine, capable of warming one up and alerting one’s senses without the worry of caffeine many spicier teas have. Though I wouldn’t categorize this blend as “sweet” and “a hint” of ginger may be an understatement, I still enjoyed this tea (however, it may not be among my favorites in regards to taste). Acknowledging the skin benefits of turmeric, I’ll definitely continue drinking Tumeric Glow in the future for this reason as well. Finally, I’d recommend others to perhaps try a cup of this blend individually and then decide if they’d like to purchase an packet for themselves depending on their own taste preferences.


Carrots, Ginger, Turmeric, Pineapple (pineapple, sugar), Beetroot, Sweet blackberry leaf, Natural flavouring.

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