Review: Choco Chaga Detox

A rich and not overly sweet chocolaty blend, with lightly fruity and earthy notes of cocoa.

David’s Tea

I am . . . so disappointed, haha. With a name like “choco chaga,” an alluring chocolate aroma, and a list of tantalizing ingredients, I had hoped this tea would be a winner. But this tea tastes like absolutely nothing. Dark hot water. There are no flavors to analyze (perhaps the ingredients’ notes cancel each other out?) or memorable consistencies. All I can really say is, don’t waste your time with this one. It’s forgettable, even if it’s not particularly offensive (unless you are offended by the lack of a chocolate taste which I very may well be).


Organic cocoa beans, Organic black tea, Organic cocoa husk, Organic roasted chicory root, Organic carob, Organic chaga. With Natural flavouring.

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