The Winter Bundle

She could not fathom the hexagonal miracle of snowflakes formed from clouds, crystallized fern and feather that tumble down to light on a coat sleeve, white stars melting even as they strike. How did such force and beauty come to be in something so small and fleeting and unknowable?

– Eowyn Ivey, The Snow Child

Looking for a bundle of skincare, book, and tea recs for the winter months? Below are some options depending on how you may feel:

Cozy and Cute

Seasonal Depression

  • Book: The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende
    • A sweeping tale that will guide you through a vast range of characters, emotions, and historical turmoil, engrossing you when you want to escape, but still recognize your sadness.
  • Tea: David’s Tea Lavender Buttercream
    • A rich tea that tastes wondrous when hot, the sweetness of marshmallows and buttercream will soothe you when stressed and upset.
  • Skincare: Bioderma Micellar water ($15)
    • A simple and effective 1st step cleanser to wipe off your makeup. Has the ease of a make-up wipe without any of the harsh dragging, leaving you refreshed and clean with minimal effort.

I AM the Blizzard!!!!

  • Book: Eloquent Rage by Brittney C. Cooper
    • A powerful analysis of black women’s anger, the stereotypes surrounding it and how it can be used as a source of knowledge and strength.
  • Tea: Brew La La’s Organic Ginger Peach Green Tea
    • A refreshing and energizing green tea to start your day.
      • See full review here
  • Skincare: Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($6)
    • A great precursor to your moisturizers to superpower them before entering the cold. Maximize the effect of your following skincare steps with this simple serum that takes seconds to spread and soak in the skin.

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