Review: Cold 911

The cold solution you need. Our comforting organic herbal tea features a throat-calming base of peppermint, with soothing eucalyptus leaves, a hint of citrus and potent little juniper berries. Even when inhaling the steam, you’ll instantly feel the enhanced cooling effects. Make sure to keep this caffeine-free blend on-hand before cold season hits.

David’s Tea

Hoping to help alleviate a stuffy nose, I purchased David’s Tea “COLD 911,” hoping the price would be offset by its benefits. Running about $10 per 2oz, the peppermint, citrus notes supposedly kick the immune system into gear. The minty aftertaste isn’t disagreeable, though I did find the blend oddly medicinal. While some other reviewers on the website have found the tea to provide almost immediate effects, I can’t claim the same, but perhaps repeated use will show improvement. Finally, while I prefer my tea hot, I can’t imagine how differently this would taste cold, whether the temperature would augment or hide the myriad of ingredients within. Though I certainly see myself drinking this again in future (especially since I’ve already purchased it), I wouldn’t list this as a must-have tea.


Organic peppermint, Organic apple, Organic eucalyptus, Organic juniper berries, Organic natural orange oil, Natural flavouring, Natural peppermint oil.

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