Review: Tazo Green Ginger Tea

“A crisp green tea blended with ginger for a slight kick and pear for sweetness, Tazo Green Ginger Green Tea puts a unique spin on a couple of classics.”


While visiting parents, I made a cup of one of my dad’s teas: Tazo Green Ginger. A green tea with a ginger spice, it definitely succeeded in providing a crisp flavor and a noticeable dose of caffeine. Though the tea boasts of a pear sweetness, I wasn’t able to detect this, making the tea mostly spicy over sweet. Overall, it’s a fine tea, though not a favorite and not one I see myself purchasing in the future. While the price can’t be beat ($6 for 20 satchels), the flavor isn’t enticing enough to keep me coming back (perhaps due to the ingredients’ reliance on ‘natural flavors’).


Green Teas, Natural Flavors, Ginger, Lemongrass.

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