Review: Nor Sun Pu-Erh (Bo Nay) Tea

“A fermented loose leaf black tea from Yunnan province with a rich, earthy flavor.”

Pearl River Market

Nor Sun Pu-Erh Tea doesn’t pretend to be anything else than what it is: a simple, rich pu-erh tea. I often drink this in the morning or during calm evening, when I want something even and simple. The earthy tea leaves are kept tightly beneath the tin’s double sealed top, ensuring fresh leaves for each cup you make (which will be quite a lot, considering this tin holds about 5.25 oz – over 50 cups or so). With a rating of 86 on Steepster, this tea is definitely worth a shot if you want a caffeinated tea with a simple texture.


Cooked and uncooked pu erh tea leaves.

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