Review: Organic Ginger Peach Green Tea

Brew La La’s fine assortment of flavored green teas are made lovingly from start to finish, from the cultivation of the leaves by our USDA certified organic farming partners to the biodegradable non-bleached tea bags that you’ll steep in your favorite mug. You can be sure you’re not only getting a delicious naturally-flavored green tea, but that you’re getting all of the anti-oxidant health benefits that fine green teas are known for – without artificial ingredients or toxic chemicals. Our ginger peach green tea delivers premium quality in every way, in every cup.

Brew La La

I grabbed this at random at TJ Maxx and wow is this tea a winner! The sweet peach flavor is detectable but not overwhelming, and mixes perfectly with the green tea. For $9, this is a great addition to a tea collection (50 biodegradable string satchels, organic, and tastes refreshing cold or warm). Though I’ve been drinking this without sugar, hot and plain (delicious!), I can also imagine this tasting wonderful cold as a bubble tea with some added boba. Some reviews have commented that the tea has more of a subtle flavor (for better or for worse), which is something I’m perfectly satisfied with, thought that might be something to consider if you’re looking for a tea with a stronger kick. Overall, this is a multitalented, healthy afternoon tea; I highly recommend and will definitely be checking out Brew La La’s other flavors!


Organic green tea, organic ginger pieces, organic peach pieces, natural ginger flavor.

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